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He is a very kind and knowledgeable professional. He helped me through an emotional bankruptcy. I am forever grateful.

You will not be disappointed when you hire Zeke as your lawyer, I have recommended him to many people.

- Shey Z

Mr. Bohikian made us feel very comfortable through this process. He was very professional and personable. He was thorough with everything. I would highly recommend him as an attorney.

- Monica Wojtowicz

Mr. Bohikian's services have been absolutely invaluable to us! We don't know what we would do without his knowledge, service, help, and expertise! He's not only very knowledgeable and great at what he does but is also very responsive, friendly and demonstrates the utmost in professionalism.

He displayed kindness, caring, and courtesy for us and our case! Simply put, he's the best of the best there is! We consider him to not only be a counselor and advisor to us, but most importantly, or more importantly, to us anyway.. a true friend!! Who not only cares about us but has a vested interest in our case, as well! He continues to stay committed to helping us and doing the very best he can for us every single day — never giving up and always giving us his all!! He continually makes us feel like he truly cares because he actually does and treats us not like a number, but I instead like actual human beings and makes us feel like part of the family! Dickron has made us and continues to make us a top priority and we can't thank him enough for his invaluable services to us!

He is truly an asset to us on a professional level and from a professional standpoint but more so is just all-around a wonderful human being and stand up guy — one who truly cares about all of his clients, each and every one of them! Not only that, his number one priority is helping his clients succeed, thrive, and assisting them to achieve and reach their goals bb doing the best way he can! You simply cannot and will not find anyone better!

- Kris Djordjeski

Wonderful. Helpful. Informative. This man really knows how to truly help his clients, I would highly recommend to anyone!

- Kelly Ralko

I was scared out of my mind and ashamed when I first started thinking about filing. He reminded me that I had tried my hardest and sometimes people need a fresh start. I reluctantly handed over my deposit that would make all the creditor calls stop. I had such a negative connotation of lawyers and expected hidden costs from his initial quote. But there were none. He was so confident everything would go smoothly, and he was right. Now, I have my life back. I have other friends who weren't so lucky when they filed... but they also had different lawyers.

- Dawn P.

Mr. Bohikian went above and beyond for me when I filed for bankruptcy. I was very scared but he reassured me it wasn't as bad as it is made out to be. It was fast and is now discharged and I can move on with my life not worrying about how I am going to pay my next bill. Thank you so much for being so kind and patient with me, even calling me back on a weekend when I had a question!! I highly recommend Bohikian Law Group to anyone looking to file for bankruptcy.

- Kari H.