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Debt Resolution

Debt Resolution & Debt Settlement

It’s a common situation that many people find themselves in – they have a significant amount of debt, and the monthly minimum payments are hard to manage, debt settlement could be an option for you.

Get Monthly Payments Under Control

Debt Remediation can be an excellent solution for getting monthly payments back under control. Using an experienced attorney to get your debt settled can help you regain control over your financial situation and credit score.

Seek Help to Resolve Your Debt

We Will Negotiate with Your Creditors

At Bohikian Law Group, we have broad experience in negotiating with creditors – including credit card companies. We negotiate with your creditors on your behalf to work on reducing the overall debt load that you carry. Bohikian Law Group can help to negotiate not only your total balance, but also late fees, penalties, and required payment dates.

Fix your Credit Report

We can also work with the major credit reporting bureaus to make sure that any incorrect or misleading information on your credit report is removed from your file.

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