Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy Services from Bohikian LawOur bankruptcy lawyers at Bohikian Law can help you to determine whether you’re eligible to file for bankruptcy, and whether filing for bankruptcy would be a helpful solution.

Contacting our bankruptcy lawyers can be a helpful tool when you find yourself in a situation where you just can’t pay your current debts. Filing for bankruptcy can give you a new financial start, as many of your financial obligations will be forgiven after you file.

Bohikian bankruptcy lawyers will show you all the different types of bankruptcy that can be filed when filing for bankruptcy. Such as:

  • Chapter 7 – Individuals
  • Chapter 9 – Municipalities¬†
  • Chapter 11 – Businesses and Individuals with many assets
  • Chapter 12 – Farmers, Fishermen
  • Chapter 13 – Individuals with steady income
  • Chapter 15 – International Cases

In many cases, filing for bankruptcy can help you to protect your assets while getting your debts back to a manageable level. Contact Bohikian Law today to schedule your free consultation with our bankruptcy lawyers, and find out more about what bankruptcy options may be available to you, and how we can help!