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Working Hard For Southfield Residents

At Bohikian Law, we work hard help clients through bankruptcy. If you’re in the Southfield area and looking for experienced attorneys who know the law, call us today. Our Southfield attorneys work hard to get your finances back in order.

Freedom from Debt

Bohikian Law is the first step toward freedom from debt.  Our attorneys at the Southfield location can help you organize and manage monthly bills, debts, assets, and income through an appropriate bankruptcy solution.

The Best Solution for Southfield Residents

We’ll help you determine if you should file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 to get the best results. With Chapter 7, you generally erase most of your debt. With Chapter 13, you still have to pay some or all of your debt, but with less of a financial burden. Let us help figure out the best solution for you.

Knowledge in a Variety of Areas

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Chapter 9 Municipalities
  • Chapter 11 Businesses and Individuals with many assets
  • Chapter 12 Farmers and Fisherman
  • Chapter 13 Individuals with steady income
  • Chapter 15 International cases

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Call for a free initial consultation. Call or contact the Southfield office today and let us help.